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Why replace when you can restore dull and dirty carpets and furniture with a professional cleaning.

Our Cleaning Services include:

Carpet Cleaning

Our industrial strength carpet cleaners extract even the deepest dirt.

Upholstery Cleaning

Deep-cleaning of your upholstery, removing grime, stains & odours

Persians and Rugs

We also deep-clean 
and steam-clean 
Oriental rugs.

Beds and Mattresses

We can steam your mattress or we can
deep-clean the mattress.

Curtains & Blinds

Curtains and blinds are steam-cleaned onsite.


Steam Solve CC is a Licenced Teknogard-plus Applicator. TEKNOGARDplus provides maximum protection against spills and stains on all fabrics and fibres, including leather and suede.

Protect your valuable furnishings by using the ultimate stain prevention, TEKNOGARDplus.

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Contact Chris on (082) 870 1035 for a quotation today!

  Mobile: (082) 870 1035 | Tel: (031) 464 9943 | E-mail: chris@steamsolve.co.za | Website: www.steamsolve.co.za