Steam Solve CC is a Licenced Teknogardplus Applicator

TEKNOGARDplus provides maximum protection against spills and stains on all fabrics and fibres.

Protect your valuable furnishings by using the ultimate stain prevention, TEKNOGARDplus, on all fabrics and fibres.

You need to keep your precious furnishings clean and stain free. Untreated fabric acts like a sponge, quickly absorbing spills, leading to difficult and permanent stains.

Teknogard works like an invisible magic barrier. With Teknogardplus fabric protection applied, stains, spills and soiling will be easily removed from treated fibres and fabrics. Stain prevention at its best!

TEKNOGARDplus carries a 3-Year ANTI-STAIN Warranty!

To learn more about Teknogard, please visit www.teknogard.co.za

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