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2. Mattresses and Headboards

We clean mattresses and headboards onsite.

Mattresses are inhabited by dust mites, which feast on the build upon dead skin cells and subsequently leave an abundance of excrement behind. The warm and often moist conditions of mattresses also leave them prone to mildew, fungus spores and the like.

Conventional vacuum cleaners do not kill dust mites or eliminate mildew however steam cleaning will rid your home of most of these pests.

We sanitize mattresses and headboards using a steam cleaner. The high temperature of the steam destroys dust mites, pollen spores, odour-causing bacteria and other allergens which trigger asthma, hayfever, rhinitis, bronchitis and eczema.

This is an environmentally friendly cleaning method. The process is carried out onsite and is quick, convenient and effective. Regular mattress sanitization is highly recommended for small children, allergy sufferers, pet owners, guest houses and hotels.

Dependent on the level on cleaning required in respect of your mattress, we are also able to provide a deep-cleaning option.

Mattresses generally take only 1 to 2 hours to dry depending on the weather.

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